Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pearl Bay overnight.

Since last years trip around Whitewater Bay I had not visited the Hells Bay area. The last I remember, was how much fun the fishing was in those ponds and connector creeks. However, as I was coming back from that trip a very cold period killed most of the snook population. I was looking forward to heading back to see how the fishing compared.

Michaeleen, Connie and I were able to get a permit to Pearl Bay to try out the parks newly refurbished chickee. So we head out of the hideous Hells Bay trail that "twists worser than a snake" and seems to never end, although it is only 3 miles long.

Finally within site of Pearl Bay chickee:

The park did a good job with this chickee re construction:

After setting up and having lunch we head out to explore some of the ponds around the Pearl Bay area. Before the freeze I was catching snooklets, snapper, jacks and trout in these areas. Now all I caught were:

Yes I caught a dozen of these! Bring a freshwater fishing license the bass are aggressive. I noticed more freshwater vegetation, creeks were very clear and the only other fish I saw were needlefish and the large ladyfish I also was able to entice. A definately different experience for me as I had never caught bass in this area.