Monday, August 4, 2014

Remodeling the canoe for the upcoming season - Part 4

Another busy weekend getting the rails ready for installation. The new gunwales are a little thinner than the original 5/8" vs  3/4". Jay will add an 18" piece of ash at paddling station to be fed up around the seat drop.

Get out the round over bit, router table and feather boards, time to add some shape to the rails:

Preliminary shape of outwales. They will be rounder after the rail is attached to hull:

Here is the rough shape of the inwales:

Using a Dunmore hand grinder, Jay quickly drilled hundreds of shallow holes on the mating face of the gunwales to help the expoxy bite to the hull.

We have ordered the brass screws that will go under the bungs his dad is making. Here is a picture of what the bungs look like in Jay's canoe:

The thwarts, seat drop and carry handles will have carriage bolts made of silicone bronze. These are now ordered as well.

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